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our offers:



min airtime: 

10 - 15 min


Celestial views over glacier and valley – that’s what Engelberg is all about

from 190 CHF

+ Double Airtime 50 CHF

+Photo&Videoservice 30 CHF

What you need to know:


Contact me simply by phone +41 76 430 90 55 to make an appointment for our flight.

Paragliding is a highly weather dependent sport. Since the weather forecasts are often inaccurate over long periods of time, I can only make a definitive decision on the evening before whether and where we can fly. You will then be notified by phone when and where we will meet.​ ​​ ​ ​

Good shoes and a warm windbreaker. Even in summer it can get cold high in the mountains. Mobile phones, cameras and selfie sticks are not permitted during the flight due to the risk of injury or loss. I have an action camera with which great shots are taken during the flight, and i will copy them to your phone directly after the flight. 

Duration, costs and payment
A tandem flight costs between 220 and 270 francs, depending on which offer was booked. After the flight, you can pay in cash, by card or by voucher. The price includes flight and photo service. If you want to give someone a flight, you can easily order a voucher from home. For our flight you should plan about 2-3 hours.

Since paragliding is not a high-risk sport, your normal non-occupational accident insurance will cover the costs if you are injured during take-off or landing. If you do not have accident insurance, you can take out accident insurance for 20.- which is only valid for the said flight. Damage to third parties is covered by the pilot's compulsory liability insurance. ​

Previous knowledge / age
You don't need any prior knowledge for a tandem flight. You will receive the relevant information for a safe flight at the take-off site. As a rule, I do not fly with children under the age of 6. For flights with children and young people under the age of 16, I need a declaration of consent from a legal guardian. There is no maximum age. To be on the safe side, contact me by phone if you are not sure whether you are fit enough for a tandem flight. ​

fitness / body weight
Basically you should be able to run about 15 meters briskly. With a body weight of 40 - 100 kilos, no special consultation is required in this regard. If you are in the border area or outside, please contact me. I'm sure I can find a suitable solution for everyone. It is also possible to fly with people with walking disabilities, but this requires more detailed flight preparation, which is why I ask you to talk to me about it beforehand.

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